woensdag 7 januari 2009


i love snow but i hate the cold.

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Pippi zei

I don't like snow nor the cold.

victoria.. zei

i love the last picture.
i dont live with snow, but i do visit it every winter. its pretty.

Creaholica zei

precies. die kou echt,
maar goed - leuke foto's hoor :)

saskiaofzoo? zei

leuke fotos& ik ben het met je eens..

ooohmaureen zei

yes, maar we kunnen nu wel onze enige mutsen op.

Rosanna zei

im jealous! i wish we had snow


Aisha zei

Dear! Those are lovely shots.

I also want to let you know that coloured bleu has changed its name and moved to: http://nerdy-trendy.blogspot.com/, would you mind updating your links, please?

CapuccinoB. zei

heyy, it's been a long since i last talked to you :)

ohh yes, i also hate the cold :S


yulan. zei

mooie foto's!

Krystal zei

great shots!!

Aisha zei

Thank you very much!
Now you can delete Coloured Bleu (Colorizacion), because it doesn't longer exist, it has to stop existing so I could change the url to nerdy-trendy.

Anoniem zei

Nice photos. I've got myself a translator for my blog now :) I've placed it above my blogarchive.

janet* zei

great pictures!